Hello world!

I love sharing new ideas and even more I love learning about new things, especially those things that help me understand how the world works and that includes us, the 7 billion who without questioning think of themselves as unique and special.  I get a real kick out of being disabused and gaining a more truer and more compassionate ways of looking at the world.

I love words.  I spend prolonged periods of time thinking about words until the meaning disappears as quickly as it came.  The illusive nature of what words mean or symbolizes seem to spiral into another endless recursion of metaphors.  I love blurring what is fiction and what is real, only because it sobers me to to the realization that truth exists only in the mind and the uniqueness of each of our mind means that we are all foreigners to each other.   “We live as we dream…alone”  Joseph Conrad.


~ by rotatetechnology on October 31, 2011.

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